President Trump Visits St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, Florida

Amidst controversy, James B. Herzog, associate director for education at the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops released the following statement on today’s visit by President Donald J. Trump to St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando:

 We are happy to see that the new administration values education, and took the time to listen to the children and parents who have utilized the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.  The Conference recognizes the right and responsibility of parents as the primary educators of their children. Parents are in the best position to recognize the needs of their children, and so are in the best position to choose the best educational opportunity for their children.  At the same time, we support strong public school systems.

Education in all its forms plays a dramatic role in improving individual lives and society. When parents have the ability to choose the education that best satisfies the needs of families, it is then that students, families, and Florida flourishes.

Participants in today’s session were engaged. There were key insights that were shared and hopefully programs like the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship can be expanded and utilized to enhance the educational opportunities of children in other states as well.