Heart Of Man Movie Review

The Heart of Man is a cinematic retelling of the parable of the prodigal son. It is juxtaposed with interviews of real people struggling with distractions from their faith and the shame that follows addiction.

According to the film’s description, the film tears the veil of confusion over the church’s current identity crisis.

The film also features emotional interviews with real people going through their mess and subsequent healing.

It includes expert witnesses of such men as William Paul Young, author of the NY Times best-selling novel “The Shack”, Dan Allender, Ph.D, author of “The Wounded Heart” and Spoken Word Artist Jackie Hill Perry.

The inspiring feature graciously addresses the elephant in the room. It is a film that can alter the narratives of those who have or are experiencing the shame, guilt, and even embarrassment of sin.

The Heart of Man champions freedom from performance. No longer do we have to uphold an image while hiding in the closet of guilt. The powerful testimonies of leaders in the church empower others to live in freedom from managing our behavior so we appear acceptable to God.

We can leave behind our broken and religious way of relating to God and others. We can live in true freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and double lives.

Shot on location in Hawaii, which provides both the emotional and cinematic backdrop for story, The production by Jason Pamer and Jens Jacob, made a one night appearance in select theaters on September 14th.

It is a must see for the young and old. This film will change the trajectory of how Christians relate to the world. In addition, the compelling documentary offers a fresh perspective on the unconditional love of our Father.



Gabriella attends the University of Central Florida where she is completing her degree in English Language Arts Education and Nonprofit Management. She is a grateful recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholar award. Gabriella currently attends New Life Church of God where she sings and dances and enjoys sharing her testimonies and experience as a Christian college student. Read more about her passionate faith at her blog, blessedbytheking.com