Bible-based Video Game Brings Children Closer to Christianity

Scripture Union released a video game last year that presents a digital Bible experience to children aged 8-11 and it has now gaining popularity. The game introduces the Bible to Christian children who are otherwise ignorant about their faith. 

Guardians of Ancora is based on Biblical stories, wherein the players journey through numerous Biblical events, indirectly teaching them core Bible concepts, World Religion News says. Players have to conquer different quests while learning about Christianity along the way. The game boasts of unique features, high quality graphics and character customization.

Director Terry Clutterham of Scripture Union said Ancora is a fictional yet wonderful place where the children enter as guardians. “The problem with Ancora is that the light has been stolen from that world, so there is darkness around. It’s the role of the guardians to rediscover the lost treasured stories which are the stories of the Bible…and those stories help to light up the world.”

Many schools have incorporated the game in after school clubs to encourage students to play.

“Children love the game for its fun, parkour elements. They can customise their own characters and fully immerse themselves in the game. They’re learning through play. Teachers also love it because it helps with teaching RE and parts of the curriculum,” said Kate Finney, a coordinator for Blackpool Schools and Youth Work.

In a time where children are bombarded with numerous technological advances, from the internet, apps, smartphones and software, it’s great that technology can also be used to bring children closer to Christianity.


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