Who we are

The Editor of The Orlando Voice, Gabriella Pierre, attends the University of Central Florida where she is completing her degree in English Language Arts Education and Nonprofit Management.  She is a grateful recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholar award.

Her passion for reading and writing dates back to the tender age of five years old.  As an advocate for accessibility and availability of educational resources for children and youth, she hopes to ignite a passion for literacy in other students and create educational resources for children and youth globally.

Gabriella currently attends New Life Church of God where she sings and dances and enjoys sharing her testimonies and experience as a Christian college student. Read more about her passionate faith at her blog, blessedbytheking.wordpress.com

What we do

The Orlando Voice, a division of One Christian Voice media corporation, provides articles and resources to inform and inspire you. From government decisions that effect the mission of Christ in our world to good movies and live entertainment, we share what’s going on in the Christian world today, starting at the local level.

We share Christian news with a local, state, national and world focus. From stories of victory and success to stories of concern, we provide content that is relevant to the Christian community.

Our lifestyle column provides content for living including Christian entertainment, books, recipes and more.

In addition to offering a daily reading from the 365 Day Bible, we search for articles on inspirational blogs and great sermons on video and share them on One Christian Voice.


Promoting Christ by promoting the good things Christians are doing to share the love of God with our world is also a big part of our purpose.

We put Christ first in all that we publish and promote, keeping in mind that whatever news is going on in our world, our ultimate purpose is to glorify God.

…With One mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 15:6

A Little History

The company, One Christian Voice, LLC was originally formed by three Christians from three different churches in Palm Beach County, Florida. Their original purpose was very simply, to connect the body of Christ.

In 2010 Rhonda Krill, a former teacher, Vicki Glaesner, an artist and land developer in Honduras and Robbie Butts, a retired CIA employee, were having a casual conversation about what was going on in the community. They realized that there was not a central place for information on activities and events, so they began combing Palm Beach County for activities to post online, reaching out to local churches to find events to post.

The three women soon formed a partnership, and based on the premise that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we all share one Shepherd (John 10:16), named it, One Voice, One Flock, One Shepherd, LLC.

I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

Vicki and Robbie have since gone on to pursue other endeavors but continue to support the mission of One Christian Voice whenever possible.